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Frequently Asked QuestionsWhen a customer sets out hunting for a reliable carpet cleaner to invite home, he has quite a task cut out for himself. As a field, carpet cleaning is pretty vast. Unless you know exactly what you are looking for, you can easily get ripped off. Inasmuch as the services of professional carpet cleaners are essential, it’s even more important to make an informed decision in this regard.

We’ve put together a list of the most frequently asked questions related to carpet cleaning in the hope that you’ll find them useful and informative. If you do not find answers to your questions here, feel free to call us up and we’ll do all we can to help you.

I’ve often heard of the bait and switch scams carpet cleaning companies are notorious for using? What exactly is it?

It is true a lot of companies use the bait and switch technique where they lure customers in by offering deals that sound too good to be true. For instance, they will offer to clean your entire house for $99.00, but once they come over, they add a lot of hidden costs, overhead charges, special treatments, etc. until the final figure is the one you were trying to avoid in the first place.

At San Diego Carpet Cleaning, we look down on such low practices and make it a point to give customers a free estimate of what our services are going to cost them. Eventually, when the bill arrives, you will be pleasantly surprised to see that the amount is exactly what we quoted you and not a dime more.

Once the carpets are cleaned, how long do I have to wait it out before walking on them again?

Typically, we recommend that you avoid walking on your carpets for up to six hours after the cleaning process. In case any plastic tabs or foam blocks have been added to your carpet, you should ideally wait 24 hours before you remove them. However, knowing how important it is for homeowners to get back to normal routine as soon as possible, please enquire about our new quick dry process, which reduces the drying time considerably, allowing you to use your carpets in a couple of hours.

When you come in to clean the carpets, will you help move the furniture?

At San Diego Carpet Cleaning, our team doesn’t mind moving out furniture and other items like tables, chairs, and couches. However, if you have any precious antiques in the rooms or heavy objects like entertainment center or a big screen television, we wouldn’t handle all that. There are extremely complex liability issues involved with these objects, so we prefer not to deal with them at all.

Is ScotchGuard really essential for my carpets after they’ve been cleaned?

Although we wouldn’t go so far as to say it is absolutely essential, we have to say ScotchGuard comes highly recommended. You have to pay extra for it, but the returns far exceed the initial cost. ScotchGuard forms an invisible protective shield on your carpet, making it highly resistant to staining and soiling. It makes regular maintenance of the carpet easier and you are able to wipe up any spill without it doing any considerable damage to your carpet. If you’ve got a particularly expensive carpet, you have every reason to go in for the added protection of ScotchGuard to prolong its life.

I have hardwood floors in my house. During the carpet cleaning process are they going to get wet?

The methods used by San Diego Carpet Cleaning ensure the backing of the carpet doesn’t get wet. This means, you don’t have to worry about there being any sort of damage to your hardwood floors.

Do you use machines to clean Oriental rugs?

Absolutely not! Oriental rugs and other kinds of woven rugs are extremely delicate in nature and machine washing would be too harsh on them. We use a special hand cleaning process that is guaranteed to get all the dirt out without harming the carpet in anyway.

They say that newly cleaned carpets are more likely to get dirty faster. Is this true?

This isn’t entirely true. Carpet cleaning as such doesn’t contribute to dirtying the carpet faster. However, the cleaning agents used play a significant role in this regard. If carpet cleaning professionals aren’t careful, they can leave behind a residue of the shampoo or cleaning product in the carpet, which tend to attract dirt and grime like magnet. With us, you don’t have to worry about anything like that happening. We guarantee an absolutely clean, residue free carpet once we are done.

Can you treat pet odors in the carpet?

Although pet odor removal is a particularly tricky procedure, luckily for you we have experts that are trained especially to do this at San Diego Carpet Cleaning. We hunt out pet stains that are invisible to the naked eye and using advanced techniques to get rid of them from the deepest regions of your carpet. Finally, we kill the bacteria by using sanitizers so that the smell doesn’t resurface in a few days.

Can you professionally clean Berber?

Although Berber is often considered to be a type of fabric, in reality, it’s a special sort of weave featuring loops made out of nylon or wool. Berber requires thorough cleaning since soil and dirt tend to accumulate around the loops. The good news is we are trained and equipped to deal with Berber and deliver results that are nothing short of fantastic.

Can you treat all types of stains?

We would very much like to assume that we are qualified to handle virtually any type of stain there might be on your carpet. However, during the course of our interaction with various households we have come across stains that have proved to be tougher and more challenging than we could have imagined. That said we have a pretty high success rate when it comes to stain removal and we will not give up a fight. Let our technicians take a look at the stain, identify it, and evaluate the problem for what it is and we will get back to you about the best possible way to move ahead.

How do you clean woolen carpets?

Woolen carpets are cleaned using specialized products and the procedure is different from ordinary carpets. We work in a way that doesn’t damage the shape of the carpet and the drying method is also specially customized to meet the demands of this material.